This is where bee necklaces, big cat bangles, wild earrings and wonderful rings are roaring into life!

By embracing and capturing shapes and patterns from nature and animals Carolinne B jewelry came to life. Our love for the natural world continues to provide a key source of inspiration through all of the jewelry. From bees to big cats, wild and wonderful creatures.

All pieces are handcrafted with a conscience — 100% made in Stockholm in Sterling silver (925), 18ct gold-plated finishes,- and also available in 18ct solid gold upon requests.

We believe that jewelry don’t need to play it safe to be timeless, because everybody needs a standout piece in their jewelry box to brighten up the basics. We take pride in workmanship and handcrafted items and want our jewelry to be an extension of the person wearing them, tangible symbols, a moment dear to your heart.

Jewelry made to be worn and made to be loved.

It's all in the details, baby

Carolinne B

Nature at heart

All of our pieces are inspired by nature and the animal kingdom.  We have a huge passion to help and protect the natural world and continue to discover new ways in which our business can build on making eco conscious steps towards change.

Handcrafted in Stockholm

Most of the pieces available are made to order. We create our pieces by hand in Stockholm, with sterling silver. We use recycled materials as much as possible including, gold and silver.


Our material supplier in Sweden work with C.Hafner, the first refinery with a CO₂-neutral process for gold and silver.

Some of  Carolinne B jewelry is gold-plated on silver. This is done in the studio. Gold-plating is a fairly complicated chemical process. But we always stick to the proper guidelines on handling, storing and using these chemicals.


We use jewelry boxes made from recycled plastic and eco-friendly wrapping paper made from FSC®-certified paper and Fairtrade® bags.

We are trying our best to work with nature, instead of against it. If you have any questions or tips - Send us a note! 

Upcycled & One of a kind pieces

Upcycled Gems and Diamonds are also known as reclaimed. They are repurposed instead of newly mined (or newly lab-grown).

Upcycled Gems and Diamonds are sourced from diamonds and gems that were once extracted from the earth, already used in a jewelry setting, owned, loved, worn, then placed back into a new piece and creation,- which means the root origins of a repurposed diamond and other gemstones are essentially impossible to trace.

So in many ways, recycled diamonds and gems are reborn into their second life on earth.